dinsdag 17 april 2012

Marine done, now a little critter on the table

Well, it has been quiet for a bit, this for real simple reasons, my lower back was in some kind of trouble, and i simply could not sit at the paint table, i even could hardly sit at all.
So at the moment i finally can get a little bit of painting (at the time) done.

As prommised i took a few more pictures of the marine, and also i have started on a Tervigon.
Since i started miniature wargaming i have always liked  the Tyranid models a lot, so i was kinda looking forward to painting this, after assembling the "mini" i was kinda shocked with the size of the monster, i for sure know this little one will take me some time, especially since i am a pretty slow painter who fiddles around a lot before he actually puts the brush on the mini.

Last thing, i tried and tried and tried to work with the pictures, and every single time, it did not get to the result i wanted. So i decided to just not bother at all, and take it as it is, and live with the thing that my mini might look better irl then on the picture. And the way i look at it, it doesn't really matter how they look on pictures, since i don't use them other then just for showing a bit of my crappy painting.

So some pictures of the marine boy:

Well then on to the nid, i so far applied 2 base layers on the "skin" and after that i applied 2 shades (a slightly lighter one and slightly darker one), after that i applied a first layer to make the base for the highlighting/layering.

maandag 19 maart 2012

Little steps at the time

A friend of mine pointed out a different way of taking my pictures, so i have been messing around a bit with my camera and computer, but still i have gotten a little bit of painting progress in tonight on the Blood Angel marine thingy and a bit on my mournfang riders.
So without annoying you to long with stories about me taking pictures, here are the pictures.

zondag 18 maart 2012

Some more work on the painttable

Well, it has been some time, have been busy, but i got some painting done anyway, just did not take the time to take a lot of pictures.

After finnishing up on John his slayer, the obvious thing to do next was the runesmith dude, so i got him done this morning.


And a shot of both of them together:

As a comment to the Runesmith model, i enjoyed painting it, i think the sculpt is very nice.
Downside to it, this particular mini was a terrible cast, there where some really bad moldlines on it, and some of them i decided not to remove completely due to fear of damaging the mini beyond repair.
As for the colours, i had John deciding on most of them, i think i would have done some colours differently, but i think that comes down to taste and wishes of the owner of the mini.

On to the next project then.
Since i am changing my entire paintrange around to another brand i needed a figure to test the paints and extra stuff out, so i have been looking in my own scrapheap of miniatures and found a nice mini to try the paints on.
Normally i am not that into painting marines, the armour usually is very boring to paint, and in general, they all look so much a like, that the 2nd one in a batch already is nightmareish.
But as for the pose of this mini, and since i don't really care how it will turn out, i found a Blood Angel character (god knows where it came from tbh).
I am largely done with the armour atm, might add a little highlight and/or shade later, depending on how the entire mini looks due to the end.

And then, last but most certainly not least, and this is not my work, some of my girlfriends models, please keep in mind, these are the first mini's she ever painted and i personally think she did a great job with them.
Ignore the movement tray, its an old one, just to keep them together.

dinsdag 14 februari 2012

And done (ogre and dwarf)

Well, it has been a while, sorry for that, but have been busy with some things other than painting (and no not all was hanging on the couch).
Today i managed to finish the dwarf and put the last drop of paint on the ogre, i might do a bit of patching up on the smoke in the future, but for now, i am pretty happy.
As for the basing, i will add something in the future, but i prefer to do larger amounts of models at once, since i find it really boring work.

Here are some pictures:

Then there is the next WIP, the Mournfang riders, they tend to go pretty slow tbh, but i am in good hope to get them finished next week (that is the riders only, not the actual mounts).
Both are at the same stage, so here is a picture:

woensdag 1 februari 2012

More news about the ogre and dwarf

Well, got a bit more work done on both models, the more i paint on them, the better is start to like them.
I got the Firebelly nearly to the point to start working on the little campfire, i might just push that to next week, not sure yet, it seems to me it will take me some time to get it right.
For myself i really enjoy the high contrasting color on the bugface, reading into the background of the thing, it appeared to me it must be a beetle thingy living in that cave, and blue seemed the absolute wrong color for it.

Well enough talking, picture time:

That takes me to John his Dwarf, i must admit, the further i get into this model, the better it seems to be getting as well, i myself am not that into dwarfs at all, so i thought at start it would become a struggle towards the end of the mini, but it isn't, pretty happy with that.
All i am hoping for is that john will like the miniature.

Again, pictures of the little fella:

maandag 30 januari 2012

A dwarf and a Ogre

Well, i have had en bit of continuation on my friends dwarf, next to that its time to show the first pictures of the second army i am currently working on.

I already have finished 1 unit of Ogre bulls, pictures of that will follow later on, for now i will post some WIP (Work in Progress) pictures of the Firebelly.
It was a big hassle to get it ready for painting, i actually got a phonecall from Nasa, what those 7 Grand Canyons where doing on my balcony, so after a lot of greenstuffing and filling, i could start painting it a few days ago.
I hope you will enjoy the pictures, i know i enjoyed the painting (not the fixing GW's mistakes)

Which gets me to the Dwarf, so far i am really enjoying the model, painting 2 armies side by side and do the ocasional random miniature in between really keeps up the good spirit.
I am hoping to get this little guy ready by the end of this week, so i can also start on the second dwarf, some runeguy i think, not really that into dwarfs myself to know all those names.

Well some pictures for your pleasure:

vrijdag 27 januari 2012

Little guys for a friend.

As part of a deal i have with a friend of mine i promissed to paint him 2 Dwarf characters.
So yesterday i got started on the slayer, both are Avatars of War mini's, and they look pretty good.
Never got to paint a mini of them before, not everything is as i would like to see it, but i think that will happen always.

I can talk for ages, but in the end, we want pictures, so here we go.